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2-1-1 Update, Fall 2014

  • By Amy Fluno, 2-1-1 Program Director
  • Bring on the sunshine! Winter was brutal this year and we were busy helping our many callers find assistance to help pay their heating bills. This summer we are still receiving calls from people who are behind on their heating bills due to the harsh winter temperatures we endured in Wisconsin. Our top five needs from the first half of the year show the need for assistance in the area of heating bills. This is one of the areas we receive the most calls for. More...


Stuff the School Bus Update

  • By Angie Loucks, Volunteer Center Coordinator
  • Last August, school supply drives across the region helped thousands of students go back to school with backpacks filled with everything they need to have a successful school year. In our area, two school supply drives were also a big success! More...


United Way of Inner Wisconsin Partners with enTouch Wireless to Provide Free Cell Phones

  • United Way of Inner Wisconsin is proud to connect community members with enTouch Wireless, which provides free cell phones to individuals who qualify for other governmental programs, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the National School Lunch Program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, etc.
  • enTouch Wireless provides a free cell phone and up to 250 free minutes per month for one year.  The service is made possible by a state and federal government assistance program called Lifeline that provides discounts on monthly telephone service for eligible low-income individuals.  It is important because everyone needs the opportunity and security of a telephone that helps them connect to jobs, family and 9-1-1 services. More...